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Music Teacher Tips - #5 - Sequence of Part-Singing

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Music Teacher Tip #5 - #SequenceOfPartSinging:

(This is mainly for general music and choral teachers):

When teaching part singing, this is the proper sequencing:

In order of difficulty (easiest to hardest):

2. Melody against an ostinato (Example: “Ram Sam Sam”)

3. Echo Songs “Over My Head” spiritual

4. Partner songs Jill Galina has lots of these (See example by Naplan) Also this:

5. Rounds “Hey, Ho Nobody Home” “Ah, Poor Bird”…/4001152.item…

6. Melody with descant (See example in measure 31)

7. Polyphonic Songs. For example - in 2-pt. harmony where one melody starts and harmony enters afterwards. Best if rhythms don’t align at least at the start of the phrase. (See refrain of example)

8. 2-pt. Homophonic (words/rhythms of parts are the same at the same time. Example: chorus of this song if done in 2 parts:…

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