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HMC2633_I Dream of a World (We Can Begin
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HMC2634_I Will Always Be There_REVISED P
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Coming Soon

Click on the title to hear the piece.

(Contact Sherry for a free preview copy.):

Unison (Opt. 2-part) and Solo Works

 • A Glimmer of Hope (unison/opt. 2-pt. with piano)
Home Is Just a Heartbeat Away (unison with piano)
Let the Heavens Rejoice (Medium Voice Sacred solo with 

 • A Perfect World (Unison/Opt. 2-part with piano) – Release
   date Spring 2024

 • Rimani – Italian Art Song (high voice or low voice with


2-part (Opt. 3-part/Descant) Works

 • The Gift of Giving with Simple Gifts (2-pt./opt. 3-pt. treble
    with piano) 

 • How Can We Say Goodbye? (SSA with piano) – Release date
    Spring 2024

 • Let Us Sing (2-pt. treble with piano, handclaps, and opt.

 • The Magic of Winter (2-pt. treble and piano) 

 • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2-pt. treble w/opt.
   descant with piano and optional viola)

SAB and 3-part Mixed Works

 • I Will Not Stand By (SAB a cappella with body and mouth
   percussion) – Release date Spring 2024

 • It’s All Right (3-part mixed with piano) – Release date
   Spring 2024

 • Lead Me Home (Sacred SAB with piano)

 • Legacy (SAB with piano)

 • Storm Clouds Rise (SAB with piano and body
   percussion/sound effects) – Release date Spring 2024

 • Waiting for the Moon (SAB with piano and opt. narration) – 
   Coming soon from BriLee 2024

SATB Works
 • The Eye of the Hurricane (SATB with piano and sound

 • In Flaxen Fields (SATB with piano and opt. cello) – Release
   date Spring 2024

 • Let Us Walk in God’s Light (Sacred SATB with piano)

 • Longing to Be Seen (SATB with piano) – Release date late
   January 2024

 • You Are Our Sunlight (SATB with piano, descant, and opt. C
   instrument) – Release date Spring 2024

 • We Sing (SATB w/opt. treble chorus/descant with piano)

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