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Music Teacher Tips - #2 - Learning Students' Names

Updated: Apr 10

Music Teacher Tip #2 - #LearningStudentsNames:

Prioritize learning all of your students’ names ASAP. Make extra effort to learn the names of the quietest students who can often feel invisible. Learning all of your students’ names speaks volumes about how much you care about each one of them. Here are some ways to make learning names easier:

🎶 Greet each one by name as they enter your classroom every day. If you don’t remember, ask them to give you a hint like “What letter does it start with?” If you still struggle, ask them to come up with a funny way to help you remember.

🎶 If your students are on a point-based incentive system, tell them the whole class earns a point any time you can’t remember someone’s name. The pressure will help you remember and it will also not feel as awful to the students if their names are forgotten.

🎶 Assigned seating with seating charts!

🎶 Always call on students by their names. If you mess up, apologize sincerely and make sure you study harder next time.

🎶 Take a photo of your class to study. Label the faces with their names if needed and make a copy for your reference. (Be sure that taking a photo is allowed. Some schools require permission slips/a photo release from a parent/guardian to do this.) If you can get your hands on a yearbook, this can be helpful too.

🎶 If you’re feeling brave, you can do what I did every year... The first day you meet students, tell them you will learn all of their names the first day. Practice them at the beginning of class. Keep calling on students by name throughout the first class and then give yourself a test in front of everyone before dismissal by naming them all. You can do it! It’s also fun to blow their minds with your amazing memory. (Remember, you can always study your roster or the yearbook before meeting them.)

🎶 Have a great week! 😁 Learn those names.

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