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Music Teacher Tip #48 - Calling Out

Music Teacher Tip #48:

Many teachers want to know how to get students to quit calling out. Here are some tips:

1. Add the words “Raise your hand if you can tell me...” to the beginning of each of your questions.

2. If some students call out, say, “I’m going to call on someone who is raising their hand.”

3. As a visual reminder, try modeling by raising your hand as you ask the question.

4. If most students are forgetting the procedure regularly, reteach it. Practice it. Reinforce it.

5. If a student says something without raising their hand and you answer them without reminding them to raise their hand, you just taught them and the class that that behavior is fine with you. Instead, say to the whole class, “Just a reminder that if you want to be heard, remember to raise your hand so that I can call on you.” You could also say to the individual student who forgot, “If you remember the procedure, then do that and I can call on you.”

6. A good way to reinforce the right behavior is simply to say, “I’m calling on Jose because he is quietly raising his hand.” You could also say “Yes, thank you, Janay for raising your hand.”

7. But MOST importantly, ONLY call on students who are following the procedure. Every. Time.

Happy teaching! ❤️🎶

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