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Music Teacher Tip #20 - Starting Class Off on the Right Foot

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Music Teacher Tip #20 - #StartingClass:

😴 If you have groups that are too sleepy or too low-energy at the start of class, begin with the following:

🎵 Bright lighting 🎵 Energetic music playing as they enter the room 🎵 Movement with everything to get their blood stirring. No sitting 🎵 Singing games or rhythm games to challenge their minds like “4 Behind” or standing/sitting on every B word while singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” 🎵 Fast, intense deep-breathing exercises (Google “breathing gym”) 🎵 Sirens 🎵 Lip buzzing/ lip trills 🎵 Teacher speaking with high energy

🤪 If you have students who are too wild or too high-energy at the start of class, begin class with the following:

🎵 Lower lighting 🎵 Calm music playing as they enter the room 🎵 Seated warmups (but with good posture, of course) 🎵 Slow deep-breathing exercises (Google “Calm” app) If you use this, project it while students breathe 🎵 If that doesn’t calm them, have them breathe with their eyes closed. Do at least 8 repetitions or until the room seems calm. 🎵 Humming exercises at a slow tempo. (It’s ok to have them keep their eyes closed for this one too) 🎵 Teacher speaking softly and slowly

I hope these tips help you and your students. Be sure to do the calming ones before performances too.

Happy teaching! 😁🎶

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