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Music Teacher Tip #60 - Making a Difference

Well, I’m gobsmacked!

Let me back up...

As you know, last semester in mid-March, the world shut down. I was in the middle of supervising some wonderful student teachers, but I was feeling wholly inadequate. I had never taught virtually, so I wasn’t sure how to advise them regarding some techniques and resources. Everyone was worried and stressed. I tried to reassure them knowing that I was powerless to change what was happening. I never even got to complete all of their observations, so they were shortchanged on the feedback I had hoped to provide.

All summer I mourned the loss of teaching time and felt sad about how I had likely failed them in so many ways.

Then today I woke up to an email containing my students’ evaluations from last semester. I held my breath a little and started reading....

Y’all, they brought me to tears. They spoke of how I cared for them and held them to high standards. They spoke of my passion for helping them and listening to them and teaching them. They said they love me.

I. had. no. idea.

Teachers, even when we’re struggling and worried it’s not enough, it’s enough.

Even when we worry that we should be doing more to show we care, they know we care more than anything!

Even when we push them harder and worry we’re expecting too much, they’re grateful because it means we believe in them and know they can be more.

But most of all, even when they’re silent, even when you would never guess it, they love us and we mean something to them.

Let’s all stop being so hard on ourselves. You don’t have to be perfect. Whether you know it or not, you’re making a difference. Even on what you think is your worst day, you’re STILL making a difference.

And if any of my former students are reading this, I love you too!!!

Happy teaching!

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