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Music Teacher Tip #28 - Rehearsal Planning

Music Teacher Tip #28:

Here are some tips to help with rehearsal planning:

Error Detection 🎼 When you error detect in rehearsal, immediately take notes in your score. Don’t expect to be able to remember what happened when you reflect at the end of the day. Even experienced teachers cannot remember this with success.

Frequently record rehearsals 🎼 During the final run-through, record performances of the new learning (objective). 🎼 Since new teachers often struggle to hear everything in rehearsal, use recordings as a reference when you are planning your next lesson.

Use self-assessment 🎼 Having students self-assess their own performance allows them to use higher-order thinking skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy/21st century). 🎼 Students will often hear things that even experienced teachers can miss. Let them share their assessments in a structured and productive way with your guidance. 🎼 Documenting students’ self-assessments on the board validates their input and will help you plan the next rehearsal. 🎼 Helping students articulate their thoughts using correct musical terminology is another way to help them grow into independent musicians. It also keeps them engaged and invested in the success of the ensemble.

Happy teaching! ❤️🎶

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