Music Teacher Tip #27 - To Sight-read or Not to Sight-read

Music Teacher Tip #27:

To sight-read or not to sight-read a new piece?

🎶 Knowing your students’ sight-reading abilities is the first step in knowing what they can and cannot sight-read without assistance.

🎶 Repertoire including sight-reading should be developmentally appropriate. Check state and festival lists on under "Sections" for repertoire by grade level (I, II, III, IV, V, VI).

🎶 Make sure that the level of sight-reading is appropriate to the students’ ability levels. If students perform MPA pieces at a level III, their sight-reading should be a level II or easier.

🎶 If students would be unable to sight-read most of the piece successfully, then it is the teacher’s job to break down the more difficult parts for them.

🎶 To allow students to sight-read unsuccessfully is to risk having students become immediately discouraged and possibly have a negative perception of the piece. This can be hard to overcome.

🎶 If your ensemble will sight-read at MPA, see MPA bylaws for what is allowed and ask veteran teachers for help.

Happy Teaching! ❤️🎶

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