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Music Teacher Tip #30 - Teacher Tool = Sense of Humor

Music Teacher Tip #30:

When I used to give short music quizzes, I always made the last question for extra credit. Here’s what it said: “Tell me something you know from this class that I didn’t already ask you about on this quiz.” I once had a second grader write, “If you don’t listen, you won’t get it.”

As I was grading her quiz later that day, I laughed to myself as I realized how often I must say that for her to quote me that way. I still thought it was funny when I saw my chorus after school.

I remember they were a bit chatty, so I told them to listen and then remembered the quote from my second grader. I asked them if they could finish the sentence too. I said... “If you don’t listen...” and they finished with a very enthusiastic, “YOU WON’T GET IT!!!” Of course I cracked up and then they all cracked up. From then on, any time I said “Listen; If you don’t listen...” they would finish my sentence, growing more dramatic with finger snaps in the shape of a Z every time. (Trust me; that used to be a thing.)

Anyway, my point is that it made rehearsals more fun and made us all feel more connected to each other. We had a secret language and we all found it hilarious.

A few weeks later I told them that I was about to have their chorus T-shirts printed and asked if they would like all of their names on the backs of the shirts. They said “yes” and then asked if I could also put our saying on the back: “If you don’t listen, you won’t get it!” Those were my favorite shirts of all the shirts I ever printed. ❤️ Research shows that if something is fun or funny that we learn it better and retain it for longer.

So... don’t forget to have fun! 😆Remember that your sense of humor can be an important tool in your teacher tool box.

Happy teaching!!! ❤️🎶😂

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