• Sherry Blevins

Music Teacher Tip #26 - Look for the Good and Let Them Know

Music Teacher Tip #26:

Do you remember a time that one of your teachers gave you a compliment? Sometimes as teachers we forget the power that we hold to change someone’s day for better or for worse.

When I was in the first grade, my teacher, Mrs. Moon told the class that she wanted everyone to listen to me read. I knew in that moment that she was proud of me and that I had done something special to get her attention.

Later in elementary school, my teacher Mrs. Sonja Sepulveda selected me to demonstrate my sight reading skills (using solfege) at an elementary music teacher inservice. We never forget these moments because they help define how we see ourselves in the world. It’s probably no coincidence that I love the written word and I love music. These two loves are evident in all of my work to this day.

So take a moment... look for the good in your students and when you see something special in them, let them know. It may just make their day, but it may also help them find their life’s purpose.

Happy teaching! ❤️🎶

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